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The End

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I Couldn't just Fade Away.

The End?
It has truely been a great 9 months here at GameDev.NET|Journal and I have come to know some very great individuals that are proving themselves to be very motivated. I want to commend you all that have come to know me through my journal here on a job-well-done, and I can only expect to see your box in plastic wrap on the retail shelves some day! Goodjob!

So what is going on in my world at the present date?
I have come to the conclusion that a college degree in Computer Science is Just-Not-For-Me. I tried, and I have to sit here and admit to myself that Math and Science are crippling aspects in my effort to attain the degree. On top of that, the desire to attain the degree has deminished into a sort of better judgement. I honestly think that my life will be better off served in a leadership/management role.

I followed and then lead through, nearly, my entire enlistment in the Marines, and I was good at it (leadership). I still have Marines to this day (one-half years later) contact me about things that I did during my time that helped them. Thats a good feeling.

My interest in being a programmer is being side tracked by my interest with wonder of becoming a future Entrepreneur. I have always said from day 1 that I love to build, and I love to see things come alive, and that could be a fairly secure possibility with business just as it would be by putting pixels on the screen. We will see.

So what now?
Never would I think about droping college. I'm staying for a IS and Business Management degree. (IS blends real well with business)

I like blogging. Its the new hot thing for the 21st century and I have truely found an impressionable networking site that is already turning out to be a wonderfull place.

I have some great faith in the Entrepreneur who fired this up and I look forward to seeing it become one of the greats.

[ Zaadz ] and you can find my new hotspot at [ Future ]

If you just feel like throwing a few words, I will forever have the AIM screen name [ aim marine ]. I think I am going on ~7 years with that name.

My time is done here at GameDev.NET. Like I noted at the beginning, you all are some great, passionate, spirited individuals and I know I will hear about the people I met here in the future.

I now hereby close the doors for further journal postings within GameDev.NET by ildave1. Godspeed Everybody.
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I know from experience how hard making these kind of decisions can be, so much respect for biting the bullet and doing what feels right!

Good luck for the future,


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