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It's 2:50am or thereabouts. I'm getting a lift from a friend who happens to also be heading to Heathrow today at 7am, and my flight is scheduled to depart at 11am. The flight will then take 11 hours or thereabouts, touching down at San Fransisco International Airport at 2:05pm local time. I'll then be taking the BART, CalTrain, and VTA to get myself to the hotel in San Jose. In the evening I'll meet up with my fellow GDNet correspondants - including Michalson, with whom I am sharing a room - and the next day I'll be going to some convention center somewhere.

I should probably start packing, huh?

In all seriousness, I'm slightly scared about the lack of preparation I've done for all this. I've not packed, I've not set my GDC schedule... I may be pushing the boundaries of "winging it" into "fool." Not least because instead of packing, I'm sat here writing about how I should be packing in my journal. So I can't claim that I don't know I should be doing it.

I went to Synthetic Culture in London last night (Friday). It was awesome, but as a result I didn't sleep until 9am. It means the transition to PST shouldn't be such a problem [grin] but my neck hurts a bit, partly from throwing my head around for 6 hours and partly from dehydration. Hopefully I won't die or anything. Fingers crossed. Looking at the Egg's photosite I've found pictures of both myself (looking particularly stunned/gormless) and my friend/comrade Lorraine who masterminded the visit (and myself again, looking slightly less gormless).

Edit: Just in case there was any doubt, I'm not going to have time to judge Seeing Double until after GDC. I'd hoped I might manage it Thursday night or Friday morning, but sadly that didn't happen. I encourage everyone to play around with the entries though - there are some interesting ideas there.
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