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I was just marking exams this morning. This was terrible. Never before had I given so many zeros when marking.

So this guy got zero on every single question on the exam... I was about to tally up the marks and he has a total of 0 points. Then I felt kind of bad and went over his paper again, trying to fit some pity mark somewhere, and I still couldn't find anything on his paper worth of even 0.5 [sad]

Then there was this other girl who actually got perfect on every question, except the last one. She wrote down the correct differential equation, she solved it correctly. Then she puts in the initial conditions and finds all the factors correctly, and then she just plugs in number 30 into the formula to find the concentration of salt in the water tank after half an hour, and by some weird calculation mistake she ends up with 320 kilograms of salt per liter of water. Damn that's a lot of salt!
(the correct answer was around 120 grams)
I ended up giving her 98% :(

Update: For Americans, that much salt is about 2640 pounds of salt per gallon of water.

Oh, and there was this other guy, who found 10^-79 kilograms of salt per liter. That's a very wide range of answers.

On a completely unrelated topic, I picked up a copy of Deus Ex II: Invisible War for $4.49 CDN :)
Believe it or not, I hadn't played this one before.
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If I recall my Chemistry class correctly, one litre of water is a kilogram.

This, uh, means that she has 321 KG of material in 1 KG of mass. She may have discovered some kind of worm-hole mass-compressing singularity, Pouya -- steal her notes and get the patent now.

Also, rather than playing Invisible War, slam your testicles in a car door for four hours, then gouge out your eyes with hot salad tongs. That's much better.

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