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Ok, I got about half way through recoding (read "hacking") my engine, and it looks horrid, and ugly, and guess what... it doesn't work now. So, I guess its back to the drawing board AGAIN... I'm starting to think that I'm never going to get it done. But, I now know all of the code required for the code based and I had restarted coding about an hour and a half ago. This is the current layout:

String operation functions

All entirely coded nice and neat with some pretty hefty debugging code. The only TRUE singleton at the moment is DebugOutput. I say true because TexturePool is somewhat of a singleton. I defined both the constructor and destructor as private, and assigned Direct3D as friend. So, my Direct3D class contains the only instance of TexturePool, which the user can access via GetTexturePool(). I'm thinking about changing this though, I'm not sure if I like the idea. So, after a long coding session, I'm back to where I was, my vertexbuffer class. I'm not sure if its going to be templated (since if I templated it, it would be the only class that required you to pass in a Direct3D instance), but I like doing it this way, since then the user doesn't have to specify the size of the vertex and there are no nasty conversions going on.

So, how do you handle your vertexbuffers?
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