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JetBlue rocks my socks!!!

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Well, here I am, sitting in the terminal waiting for my two slices of pizza to cool down a bit so I can eat em without getting melted cheese all over the place, haha. My flight is scheduled to depart at 8:05, so I have a little time to relax and grab a bite to eat.

I must say flying with Jet Blue is awesome - and I haven't even left the ground yet! I flew with them two years ago to get out to San Jose and the experience was memorable enough for me to book with them again. Would you beleive it took me less than twenty minutes from curbside to terminal? They have an online baggage check that lets you check your bags and print out your boarding pass. My dad dropped me off at the curbside and I handed the skycap my bag, he scanned my pass, looked at my ID, and I was off to the security checkpoint! Then it was about a 15 minute wait in line and I was in. And now I find free (yes, free) wireless in the terminals?? Heaavvveeenn. And what's this? *listens to announcement over PA system* My flight just got changed from Gate 4 to Gate 9? Oh gee - that happens to be the gate right in freakin front of me at this moment. [lol] I don't care if it's a hassle to get to JFK - I'm flying JetBlue every damn chance I get!!

Okay well my pizza looks cool now so I'm going to indulge myself... next post coming to ya from sunny California!!
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Sweet! I look forward to reading your coverage. I couldn't go, but hopefully, I can get to GDC '07.

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