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Lately, I've not been visiting Gamedev very much due to being bitten by the xperteleven bug. I'm managing 4 different teams and I just can't get enough of it!..very sad I know [grin]

On the work front, it's quite bleak..I may end up working in a shop or hotel for a while as there's certainly nothing much else to go for where I live :(

I can now talk about an application that we had been designing for the mobile phone but, there's not enough money in it for us to develop it to warrant setting up an office again so, I've no idea fully yet how things will go with it. The application is to help drug users wean themselves off the dependancy of them in complete confidence.

Tayside Health Board has sent out a press release, in conjuction with Scotland against drugs about it and, once developed, it will be piloted in several surrounding regions for up to a year. There is a possiblity that, if successful, it would generate good revenues but, the way Caveman stands (almost dead) we cannot wait that long so, it looks like our hard earned work on this project will make money for someone else but...hey-ho, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

I'll still stick around of course but, my priorities are changing and, not officially being a developer anymore, my interest has waned on the gaming front somewhat.
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interesting changes afoot then in your own business. Helping drug addicts with software... that's pretty nobel [smile]

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Thanks Paul...I think so.

Although our initial design was intended for people prior to them making the mistake of taking up drugs in the first place, having been in consultation over these past months with a doctor and health workers who deal in these things, it was suggested we should alter it to fit with people already on drugs who want the extra support to come off them.

It's been fascinating, to say the least and, if this is successful in helping people come off (and stay off) drugs, then the application could be used for people wanting support to come off almost anything they are dependant on but, as I say..it's unlikely that Caveman will be around long enough to see any revenues from it because we just aint got the money to keep the company going :(

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