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Introductions in order

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Hello there,

After many years of lurking and leeching I decided it was about time I bit the bullet and chipped in my fair share, after all, I know I got much more than $40 worth of information, but I digress.

After messing around with small projects, I decided it is time for me to buckle down and write a complete game. You can't achieve indy stardom if you don't do anything indy now can you? My idea for first game is quite simple. I love the Harvest Moon series of games. I know they aren't for everyone, but I find them a fun diversion. My goal is to create a clone of Friends of Mineral Town, but to incorporate my own personal twists to it. First things first though, in order to make a good 2d tile based game, you need a good 2d tile based map editor. I've tried out tilestudio, mappy, and all the others out there, and while they are all nice, they just don't give me exactly what I want. So my first goal to complete this game is to create a working map editor. I've written some map editors in the past, but they were all just nothing more than select a tile, draw the tile. I hope to get a bit more elaborate with this one. My current plan is to use Java for all of the game tools, and C++/OpenGL for the actual game engine, figuring for me they are like a triforce of my abilities as a coder.

Hopefully here soon I can give what the masses really want, some slick looking screen shots. Well, here's to that!
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Cool, and let me be the first to say..Welcome to Journal land! here be some +

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Dammit, I got the second post this time...... Anyways, its nice to see another 2D project start up around here, I'll definitely be checking your journal out.

Welcome to Journal Land, rate++!

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let me say wlecome to teh jurnal!!!!11

Actually, I'm looking forward to an exciting screenshot filled adventure. Rate ++

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Welcome! Glad to see you are supporting GDNet. I was a big fan of the original Harvest Moon back in the day. Good luck in all your undertakings!


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