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updated art and 3d sound

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Been continuing work on the game wich I dont have any offical name for yet wich is sad.

I have added quite a bit. Ive updated alot of the art and sounds. I dont have any ripped art and sounds in the game anymore except for a few wich are royalty free. The player and zombie are 100% original, and im working on alot more art right now. I am also now using the FMOD sound library with 3D sound.

I will be working on a custom gui and network stuff. As this game keeps going I will be adding more weapons and monsters.

I dont really want to give away much because I might want to put this game out as shareware in a couple of months...I think for a first "real" game that might be a little ambitous, but I will have to make $$ somehow, and making games is what I would really want to do.

Here is a little demo and screen...the game is kinda rough still so if anyone gets any wierd crashes let me know :).

controls: WSAD to move, mouse to aim, mouse1 to fire, escape to quit

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Looks pretty good, though some animation for the main characters, maybe some shadows, and blood getting left behind would polish it a lot more.

Also remember to leave cursor keys in! Some of us use a left handed mouse.

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thanks Ravuya. I will be adding all those details eventully. I have played all your games and they are very nice indeed. I appreciate your words from a dev to a dev.

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