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2D games kick ass.

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Greetings again.

I'm still waiting for my C# books to arrive, but decided to forge ahead and start coding anyway. The result is a remake of the first part of the classic Amiga game "Mr Wobbly Leg and the Invaders from Space". I'm sure you're all familiar with it [smile]. Unfortunately my friend and I couldn't quite remember how the game worked, so I ended up coding a bastardized version of it. I present to you:

Mr Wibbly vs. The Invaders From Neptune 12 1/2

Main Menu:
Mr Wibbly Menu

Mr Wibbly Gameplay

I haven't quite finished it off (high-score table isn't working, no audio), but I'll post the binary/source in a few days if I get around to finishing it. The most important thing is that I learned a great deal.

In response to my first post (below):

@Anonymous Poster: Sorry, I don't have any video's from my research.

@superpig: There are two issues that I have with hosting my thesis on GD. (1) There are some things in there that I don't really want the public to see, and hosting it on a popular site like GD isn't the best way to accomplish that. (2) A thesis probably isn't the best way for people to learn about some techniques. I can't speak for all theses, but mine contains a lot of extra stuff about motivations, research contributions, goals of the research, etc. that aren't necessary to learning about certain techniques.

I would like to publish something from my research on GD though, as what's the point of research if nobody gets to see/use/learn from it?

My supervisor asked me to prepare a journal paper based on my Survey of camera control methods. If it suits you, I can adapt this chapter of my thesis (currently at about 40-something pages) for publication here. It basically details:
* the various camera control methods (polar/spherical coordinates, quaternion interpolation, spline systems, path finding, potential fields, a few others);
* an introduction to Cinematography and Replay concepts, the different autonomous cinematography systems (formal languages, etc.);
* the different methods for detecting occlusion in a virtual environment (ray-casting, bounding-volume casting, hemicubes, etc.);
* how to use this occlusion information to make the camera avoid it (potential fields, constraints, etc.); and
* a brief look at the different control issues that are encountered when using autonomous camera systems.

If this is something that you'd like to host, then I am more than happy to adapt my chapter/journal paper to suit the target audience. Let me know what you guys think.

Anyway, that's enough ranting for today.
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That is a shockingly beautiful game. Promise to keep as much of the graphics as you can.

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I imagine we'd be happy to have whatever you're willing to give us [smile] A 40-page piece is obviously not our usual article format but there's nothing wrong with that, we can simply put it up as a PDF with a small HTML page giving the abstract of the paper alongside it.

Though I'm intrigued that you say that the original contains things that you don't want widely distributed. I thought a thesis was a published work, that part of the point of it was that it got spread around so that people could challenge it or build on it or what have you?

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The graphics for Mr Wibbly were actually done by someone else. My programmer art didn't quite match those standards, so that's the final look. It's low-res to be ported to the GBA, although that's not something I plan on doing.

My thesis contains some material (nothing major, just some little tidbits) that I'd prefer to keep to myself, at least for a little while. I'll probably release it in 6-12 months, at which time I'd be happy for GD to host it (though you may not want to [smile]). Details of what I have done have been published in various places, although the papers of mine that I would recommend would be:

* "Applying Constraint Weighting to Autonomous Camera Control" from Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment 2005.
* "Evolving Behaviours for a Real-Time Autonomous Camera" from Australasian Interactive Entertainment 2005.
* "Autonomous Camera Control with Constraint Satisfaction Methods" from the upcoming (or maybe already available) AI Game Programming Wisdom 3.

I'm more than happy for people to see what I've done, and those publications would provide more than enough info to figure out what I did and how I did it. The AI Wisdom article also comes with source-code (although somewhat dodgy). Anyone seriously interested in it can always contact me, and I'm happy to share (although not until my results come back).

I'll sit down over the next few days and work on an outline for a series of articles on camera control. I personally prefer to break it down into smaller chunks, so as not to overwhelm the reader with enormous amounts of information.

I'll post the outline of the article on my journal when I get something reasonable together.

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