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And so it begins...

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The flight out was nice - tho I was stuck sitting next to a 9-something year-old kid and his mom. Wasn't so bad tho. In fact I had to keep from laughing when I flipped through DirectTV and settled on FX, watching Arnie blast through this hacienda Rambo-style with a BFG and the kid's sitting next to me watching Sponge Bob Squarepants. Sorry kiddo, don't think mom will let you watch this too. Mwahaha. But after that I watched a movie on my lappie called Zu Warriors - it had Ziyi Zhang in it, which is all I needed but the movie itself was pretty damn cool. Then I managed a little shut-eye before touching down in San Jose.

Last time I was in San Jose I ran into Francois Dominic Laramee at the baggage claim. This time around I spotted Eric Zimmerman, he must have been on the same flight. Then at the waitstop for the cabs I ran into Dave Weinstein (formerly of Red Storm) and John Fiel (of gamerecruiter.com if I remember correctly, which I may not).

So I checked in the Days Inn Airport, the same joint we stayed in two years ago. Then I called up my buds from Jersey who had gotten out here yesterday and hopped the light rail downtown to meet up for lunch. I stopped off at the convention center along the way and snapped some pics

The San Jose Convention Center - minus the huge GDC banner that crane and crew is undoubtly putting up now

The Civic Auditorium, across the street. Hey they got that banner up tho

On the way to meet up for lunch I passed the Statue of Poo and neglected to take a picture - I figured I'd leave something for the other GDNet guys to have - tho with Hattan not attending this year... I dunno maybe Dave'll get it. Someone will, even if it's me after all.

So yea met up with the gang for SUSHI!! Yums.

Mike Sweeney from Slingo, Jeff Ward from Bethesda Soft and Coray Seifert from THQ|Kaos Studios on the left, Ben Serviss from Creo Ludus on the right

Okay I'm going to take a nap now - the GDNet crew's meeting up at 9pm to go over some final stuff before the kickoff tomorrow morning. Prob post once more before bed - see you then!
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Was it you I saw down in the lobby, staring at me as I carried my bags upstairs?

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