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I Need a Rest

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pan narrans


Soooooo, 6 weeks on the GDNet News Team. Has anyone noticed a difference in the quality of news on the front page? I hope so, cos I've been putting in a coupla hours of work nearly every day. We had a News Team meeting this weekend, and we have some cool changes planned. Pretty exciting.

I also recently started an overhaul of my website. Its not quite finished yet, but the blogging system it uses takes a lot of the work out of my hands. I'm using WordPress in case anyone is interested.

I'm also searching for a house and sorting out a mortgage with the fiancee. Oh, and the new job has kicked in and I'm a lot busier there too. Bloody hell, where do I find the time to play games? [grin]

Talking of house hunting, it is really weird looking around other people's houses. You have permission to be there but houses are so personal that it seems like such an invasion of privacy. I find it kinda uncomfortable.

I'm really looking forward to having my own place though.

...back to work on the News Editor guidelines, I guess...
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I've noticed. I can't thank you enough for the help.

We still need to get the icons straightened up, though.

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To be honest, I literally never read the front page until you lot started digging up stuff. Now it's unusual for a day to go by without there being something interesting out there.

Good work.

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There has been some quite interesting stuff on the front page. Do you editors get passes the the gamedev conferences? I'd work my tail off in my spare time for gdnet if I got to go to things like the GDC with all-access [smile]

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Great work so far, the news seems to have improved a lot since you lot were recruited.

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