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GUI Alpha Testing: Movable Windows

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What's different in this screenshot, you might ask. The only thing that I see is that now the GUI looks like it was laid out by a retarded ape who stuck forks in his eyes, you might explain.

It got that way because I dragged the windows to their positions, I respond.

GUIWnds are now fully draggable anywhere on the screen. While their Z-ordering sucks while doing this, it'll do until I bother with supporting root/child window relationships.

Another minute and I'll get it set up so that you can click to reset a window to it's default(config defined) position.

Other minor improvements are a bugfix in my rotational code for units. Now you can actually move the mouse with the rbutton down and they'll rotate as it moves, rather than once per click. Note to others: SDL_Event.button.state for a MOUSEMOTION event does not carry the current button state. It appears to only be used on a MOUSEBUTTON event.

Now to quit slacking and work on context menus.

Update: Screenshots suck, have some XVid
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