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Zombie Syrup

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This weekend I decided to clean out my fridge. I had been neglecting it for several months now (it's been a very bad 4 months).

I found a package of cheese single slices. I had bought them back in July when I first moved in, and since it is now March, I assumed they would be... bad. Just for shits and giggles, I looked at the expiration date on the package, and it says "Garanteed until July 2006".

Er. Wow.

I also had some pancake syrup. Since it's pretty much just artificial sweeteners and preservatives, I figured that stuff would still be good too. I look at the top and it says "Exp: July 3006"




In other news, I still get a kick out of things like this:

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That's why you should always take milk from the back of the shelf. They always stash one back there that'll last for 200 years.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


What the heck?! I'm not Ronald Penton, but when I tried to click--nothing.

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