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Serious Games Summit - Opening Keynote

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Serious Games Summit - Opening

Ben Sawyer em-ceed the opening keynote
Philip Rosedale (Founder and CEO, Linden Lab)

Philip Rosedale's keynote address of the Serious Games Summit primarily consisted of describing Linden Lab's Second Life...to a group of people who largely are already aware of it. He did provide some interesting statistics about the players/users of Second Life:

  • 43% female
  • median age 32
  • 25% international

Also, I think I heard him say that Second Life had 160,000 subscribers.

Second Life is really taking off, Rosedale said, attributing that to finally reaching a "critical mass" of users. This critical mass was especially important to Second Life because the game world is almost entirely user-create. Without a critical mass, he said, you don't get self-ignition. "More is different."

He sees Second Life as having a "steering wheel on the future", helping to shape the future of online games and virtual worlds. And you have to admit, they've built something pretty interesting. He didn't mention their plans for when the current game world fills up (which from information he gave today, I expect will happen before the end of 2007).

For me...I learned that I needed to bring my detachable flash. Just having a fast lens isn't enough, because the lighting in the ballrooms is, well, dreadful. So I came back to the hotel to get my flash...and got stuck here, waiting for the rain to let up.

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