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Random update: Part pi

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Evil Steve


Well, I haven't posted an update for a while so...

End of week 1 at DC Studios. I picked a lot of the stuff up pretty quickly, mainly the custom scripting language, source safe and Maya. My team lead said in a meeting today that he was "Genuinely impressed at how quickly I got to grips with everything" which is good.
I'm on the design team at the moment, and I'll be getting moved to software as soon as possible. Design does a hell of a lot more than I thought. Basically, the maps come from the artists, and we have to add collision information to the maps by hand (Well, I don't do that, but the other member of the team and my team lead do), add AI networks for pathfinding, attack points and other waypoints, weapon spawn points, player spawn points, patrol routes, etc.
I'm working on the multiplayer maps at the moment, and I also have to do stuff like spawning the weapons into the game through the scripting system, setting the bots on a patrol route through the map until they find someone, etc.
I also have to script most of the Capture The Flag equivalent maps, since the bots need to be told to go for the flag / flee / kill the flag carrier, etc.
Working 9:30 - 18:00 is a bit of a pain, but the day goes by really quickly (Time flies when you're having fun, etc).

I've done very little to TEH MMORPG!!1, mainly because I haven't had time. I get home from work at about 7pm, and by the time I've had something to eat, checked my mail and the GDNet forums and so on, it's 20:00 - 20:30. And I really need to be in bed at 23:00 or so to avoid being knackered the next day.
I've decided to give up with the stress test app. My basic version works well enough just now, I really need to get more gameplay implemented to get a accurate test done. I mean, I can implement a stress test app to connect to my server and send a bunch of "I'm moving" and "I'm talking" messages, but that's useless if the messages I really send in game are sent more frequently or are larger than I expect.

Anyway, I'm knackered. I'm going to go and watch South Park.
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It looks like you're having fun. I can't wait to buy my first Steve game.

I'll put on good music and rub it against my body with gravy. Sexy gravy.

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That's one of the problems with entering the industry, it's such a time sap you find it really difficult to do your own thing at home. It is compounded by the fact you have probably been doing all day what you want to do at night (but with more mature tools).

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It seems like you're spending more time playing the game than working on it.

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*runs and hides*

Sounds like you're having fun and I can only echo the comments from ukdm. I'm finding it rare I do my own projects now. :(

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