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GDC 2006 Day 1 - Afternoon

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GDC 2006 Day 1 - Afternoon

I saw some NVidia guys putting together a development test "phone". I had never seen one of those before, so I took some pictures. They were doing it to show off some new chip-thing-or-the-other but I just thought it was interesting to see what a "phone in development" looked like, compared to the final, shipping produce (see picture #3).

Some assembly required
More assembly...it looks kinda fun, really
Phone vs test bed

I attended Ian Bogost's presentation, "Politics, Religion, and Ideology: New Approaches to Biased Games." He talked about the typical range of most video games, comprised of "graphical rules" (movement and collision) and "simulation rules" (input and state change). For games that explore a complex issue, he saw a need for a new approach. I would've taken better notes...but my computer...was...well...safe and dry back here in the hotel room. I'm prepared for tomorrow, though: I bought an umbrella.

Ian Bogost

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That hardware is pretty nifty. It's amazing what we can do with miniaturization.

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