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Windows Installer

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So I've spent the past few days working sifting through loads of MSDN documentation trying to understand Microsoft Installer databases (.msi). I've finally managed to get a working installer, hand-crafted with Orca. Here's a screenshot of the configuration area as it currently stands:

I'm using make for my build process, so I've automated as much of the distribution preparation process as possible. To mark files for distribution, I just add them to a makefile variable. I can write a single foundational MSI database and make will convert it to both disk and network distributions. Disk distributions will consist of installers for each supported platform, with the distributed files stored separately from the database. With network distributions, files are packed into the database so that there's only one file to distribute. This was also the first time I've ever had to use Visual Basic Script (for scripting database manipulations) and I hope I never have to use it again.

So if anyone wants any information about working with MSI databases, I can probably help. If you want to try Orca, you can find it on the Platform SDK.

Wow, less than a week since my last entry! I'm really picking up the pace. [rolleyes] [grin]
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