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Little Menus

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Today Mark and I got alot of gameplay related stuff done, including having an actual "battle" over the LAN. Unfortunately, we had revised the combat system, but only updated 1 of the ship definitions, so only 1 class of ship was able to do any sort of damage, and Mark had the only one of those, so.... yeah it wasn't pretty, but it worked, which makes me happy.

On the programming side I wrote a little menu system that the player uses to select a ships "special abilities", such as launching fighters from a Carrier, or dropping sensor buoys with a Destroyer. It consists of a little bar of icons under the ship you have selected (after you right click to get it's information, so its not always in the way). The icons will be self-explanatory, although my current attempt isn't on account of my extreme distaste for spending more than 10 seconds on programmer art. Anyways, heres a small piktar showing a selected Carrier with it's information and mini-menu shown.

Today Mark got a microphone of higher quality that mine, so he did the video tonight, its good for a first try, but he needs to add more "feeling" to his performance[grin], although I will give him props on his above average transition screens...

Download the Video! (9.0MB)]

Well thats all for now, Peace Out!
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[haven't seen the the current one yet]

I'm quite disappointed at the loss of the "THE END" bit :)

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I can see you're speechless after seeing/hearing my awesomeness.

That's what I tell myself to hold the tears back...

[EDIT]: I'm making a video chronicling the drawing of a space fighter, something that I can actually make exciting. Maybe. Actually, no, not really

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