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The Press Swag Bag

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I took out most of the crap, added my Red Storm badge holder, and the result issss

Yes, for the first time in GDC history we have socks. Socks, people! I'm so wearing them tomorrow. Wish I had shorts to wear with them but alas... ok yea so maybe it's for the better but whatever :P So that's the haul until Wednesday, when the real crap grab begins!
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A Meatwad thingy.

You got a Meadwad thingy.

The hell with E3, I'm definitely going to GDC next year [grin]

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I notice you have a PhysX squishy ball type of thing. I was just curious if they had any demos running with the physics cards. If so, was there anything impressive that wasn't already available?

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Time to play "GDC Freebie Bop"

1. Wrap one sock around red ball.
2. Tuck resulting wad into other sock.
3. Swirl resulting club over head and bop nearest Astle into submission.

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I like John, I like [smile]

@CA - yea they're supposed to have some demos running I beleive - but that would be in the Expo which doesn't start until Wed. Stay tuned

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