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Finishing up Shi Sen. Didn't get much work last week, as the kiddo had spring break, and I spent much of the week in kid-wrangling.

Also, we discovered that IKEA makes a cheap knockoff of some of our expensive furniture, so we now have a sectional sofa that we've been needing for quite a while. Our living room comfortably seated three people, which made entertaining a bit difficult. Now it's a bit better. Of course, between moving old furniture and setting up new stuff, we ate up about two days.

Not a productive week, but the house looks better.

During the week, I took Maggie to Red Robin for lunch. Upon seeing a Ms. Pac Man machine by the front door, she chirped "Look Daddy. That's the game you wrote!"

I didn't have the heart to tell her :)

Finally, I don't think that my Roomba is properly following Asimov's three laws of robotics. For example, if I strapped explosives to myself, then placed the detonator-switch on the floor, it wouldn't give a second thought to bumping into it while cleaning the floor.

Also, if I someone tried to harm me in clear view of the Roomba, I don't think it would make any effort to stop the attacker.

I think I need to call the help line. I probably need to confirm this.
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Don't worry; the new roombas will do this:

if you are threatened. The beauty is that it will clean up the mess afterwards.

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You still have Red Robin in the US? It has sadly left my town. [crying]

Can I come over?

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I'm tired of hearing about this Red Robin place over and over. Fine! I have one near my house. I'll go to it!

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It's nothing special. Just overpriced burgers.

The appetizers are the best thing. The tower-o-onion rings and cheese-sticks are really good.

The pot roast burger is really good too.

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Went there for lunch. It was quite yummy. Will definately go back...

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