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Yay, me

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Heh; I got quite a bit done for a worknight. First I got a custom camera working for one level. Most of the levels are governed by zones that restrict the camera movement but one has the camera moving on a diagonal. I had to rig that special. Also did a little more level detailing.

The neat thing is what I did to the player moves. Doing the air attack requires you either hit the attack button (punches up and to the side) or down and attack (heel slam down and to the side). This is a bit clumsy to play, especially since it means you always bounce off what you hit whether you want to or not, but I implemented a better system. Since the heel slam doubles as a jump (see last sentence), now hitting the jump button while airborne does the heel slam, and the attack button does the punch. Technically, you can't do the heel slam while jumping, only falling (since jumping requires holding the jump button down) but it's a move for landing on enemies anyway so the point is moot. Further, the punch now covers a little more real estate; it still attacks primarily up and to the side, but you can land on an enemy and hit them with it too. So there's the general attack button, and the bouncy button.

This seperates the moves into an attack button and a special button that gives you more airtime than deals damage. It's easy to jump off the heads of enemies now; it's pretty funny watching him bounce around. I can see this being used to leap to great heights by careening off enemies, or leaping off airborne enemies to reach shortcuts and powerups, or just using the attack as a special move to attack enemies who are impervious to other moves. I'm pretty happy with the change, if you couldn't tell. [cool]

Good night for me. Check a few chores off the game's to-do list, and I'm going to sleep.
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