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GDC has started

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It's Day Two of GDC, and since I'm sitting in my hotel room waiting on Dave to get ready so we can head out I thought I'd do a little write up.

Day One of GDC went well, I think. I did some 'tutorial hopping' throughout the day with the Embodied Agents tutorial, the Engineering Multiplayer games tutorial, and the OpenGL tutorial. Each were interesting in their own way, although I would have preferred a little more detail in the Embodied Agents one. The Multiplayer one focused more on project management, which was fine for me, but I think the title of the tutorial may have misplaced some. And finally the OpenGL was, well, OpenGL. Later in the day I ran into some people I knew and ended up chatting with them for a while. The evening was uneventful for me, but it's only Monday. Besides, I was still a bit jet lagged.

Today I have to attend something for my employer off site from the main conference center. Unfortunately I can't talk about it because doing so infringes on my employer's IP protection policies, but you can trust it's cool stuff. Today should be fun.

Right after that at about 5:00 today Dave and I have a meeting, and then at 6:30 there's an author reception with Course Technology. After that, who knows. The Fairmont lobby will probably be alive and kicking by then.

Good thing I rested up last night. [smile]
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