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I dont know if any of you have ever heard of Amherst, MA but I can tell you thats a community you want to avoide. Last night while walking to our car my roomate and I got robbed at gunpoint and knifepoint. I kind of ran my mouth a bit and got a nice little bruise on my forehead. To sum things up we arent exactly living at our apartment anymore but the good news is where we are staying has internet access. I will fill you all in later tonight/tomorrow on whats going on with King Pong.

Edit: Theres a few nice screens for you all to enjoy. Forgot to point that out :)
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hoo-lee-shit, I knew that place was trouble.
glad you're not dead.

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That's certainly not good news. At least you're alright -- sans a few bucks short. :(

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Yeah. The Amherst area is real shitty. I feel bad for UMASS students.

Sorry to hear about that man.

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*cough* Northampton which is 10 mins away is very nice *cough*

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