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Seasons of Change

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It's been quite some time since this aspiring producer has posted an update. I've been focusing mostly on my studies. I decided to take Marketing, Business Law, and Sociology all this quarter. I'm giving my final presentation in Business Law tonight though, and Marketing is complete. Only Sociology left to finish.

I was assigned copyright law as my topic, so naturally I decided to use the Hasbro Interactive v. independent game developers and distributors of 2000 as my case study. I still find it hilarious that they were bought-out by Infogrames after causing such an uproar. Ah, the winds of change.

I lost my team of programmers to other things and nearly gave up the idea of producing a game. But games are what I really love, so why should I give up my dream? I've decided to go it alone for now. I need to brush up my mediocre programming skills, make about 800 throw away games, and soak in the knowledge of creating games. My number one goal at the moment is to finish something - anything. I'm tossing around two ideas to start with. One is the old match game. The game where a series of cards are laid out, and you flip the card over looking for a match. The other is the old Connect Four game. These games would start in the original forms, and then possibly morphed into something different. Another attractive aspect of these games is that very simple networking could be added to make them multiplayer.

I own copies of both Torque Game Engine and Torque Game Builder and these would be fine tools for producing such games as I don't want to waste my time building my own engine. With these tools I can jump right in and begin programming. I started looking into TorqueScript last night on the Torque Developer network wiki site. I tell you, the folks at GarageGames are doing some really exciting things. They seem like a great bunch of guys too.

Well, I'll make a decision about which game to tackle first by tonight and begin the pre-production work. I'll have to do my own artwork, which won't be pretty, but I'll just be releasing these games freely anyhow. I'll keep you all updated on my progress.
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