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Epoch Star 10 K downloads

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That was a rather quick jump from 9K to 10K. Someone told me that Epoch Star got a mention in issue 156 of Game Informer Magazine. I imagine that's where the spike in dowloads is comming from. I haven't seen the article yet, so I don't know what was said.
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Shit. [grin]

I wish I could get noticed in the mainstream press, except for that time when I wrote EGM and told them they were a pack of douchebags for calling Linux a programming language.

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lol [grin]

EGM doesn't write about computer games. I always thought that was kinda lame.

I have no idea what was said yet, as I haven't seen the article. I had an email from someone who congratulated me for the mention in issue 156. I assume they were telling the truth because the email came right after a big spike in traffic to my web site. I went to Barns and Noble to buy the issue, but they don't get it in until later this week, so I guess I have to wait to find out what was said.

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That's really impressive to hear. I hope one day one of my games will be featured in a game magazine (although they don't usually showcase 2D SDL platformers). It's a shame I don't still have my Game Informer subscription, though.

Oh yeah, [grin] at EGM.

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Well, the term the guy used was "mention", so I don't think it was a main part of the article. Otherwise, they probably would have interviewed me or something. My guess is it's just a small mention, but I'll still take it whatever it is.

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