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## My chat with Schmedly

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Me and Schmedly had a very inspiring conversation today. Was quite uplifting... I shall share it with you all...

Nick: Did you see my new sunglasses?
schmedly: And your new hat
Nick: all the way at the bottom, these are new new sunglasses
schmedly: crazy, yo!
Nick: purple flo!
schmedly: Column and row!
Nick: Peewee and Rambo!
schmedly: Af and ro!
Nick: Play and dough!
schmedly: To and fro!
Nick: High and low!
schmedly: Bow and arrow!
Nick: Tor-na-do!
schmedly: You know Joe?
Nick: Joe schmoe?
schmedly: That was a low blow!
Nick: But he only has 1 toe.
schmedly: So?
Nick: The other 9 were eaten bye a crow. A black crow.
schmedly: And they won't re-grow?
Nick: don't you know?
schmedly: That's what I asked fo'!
Nick: ohhhhhh
schmedly: Man, you slow
Nick: I am not a slough!
schmedly: Whoa
Nick: I do know how to throw, though.
schmedly: Doh!
Nick: i learned how on that game show.
schmedly: Status quo
Nick: You reap what you sow.
schmedly: Bitch, I don't sew.
Nick: Isn't your name john doe?
schmedly: Nah, it's soul glow!
Nick: Can you do the tango?
schmedly: No, but I like mango!
Nick: Have you noticed everything we're saying rhymed with O?
schmedly: Yes, it's a game I picked up in the Congo
Nick: I was going to go there but my bnak account was at zero
schmedly: Pandhandle for change on the corner with your bongo
Nick: That's a good idea, I'll take my pet Dodongo.
schmedly: Link won't like that, plus he'll likey get eaten by a dingo
Nick: I don't think he'll mind, after all I was with him helping catch his last Poe

Quite brillant, isn't it?
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