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Hey everyone. Yes, I'm still here. Stop throwing popcorn. :-/

After about 2 weeks of gamedev hiatus I've decided to slide back into the picture. It was a nice period of gaming, working, and even a day of paintballing, but there's nothing quite like grabbing a cup of beverage, sliding into a warm chair, and cuddling up with some code to debug. :)

Skirmish Online

On that note, Skirmish Online is back under work. I narrowly avoided Spontanteous Rewrite Urge Syndrome -- commonly known as SRUS -- and managed to quell a few bugs to retain my sanity. Shotguns now fire in the proper direction remotely, as they previously were veering way off to the right of the player due to some bad looping with the multiple projectiles on my behalf. Now you can walk up to someone and peg them with 8 shotgun shells in the face without worry!

I also believe I finally have overkill working, as no testers are reporting coprses veering off in the wrong direction anymore. We had a number of interesting cases prior to the fix where players would be killed, and then their corpse would mercilessly lunge at the killer. :D

I'm now sending the player's health remotely to everyone else so that all players can see eachother's current health. This was mainly for debugging so I could check how many local hits really were registering to gauge the effectiveness of my movement prediction, but I might leave it so that teammates can see eachother's health perhaps.

Also, kudos to Alex who has created SO's 3rd map. :)

Era Busters - Contest Entry

Our TINS 2006 contest entry, Era Busters, was sadly never finished on time. Me and Draffurd decided we'd rewrite it without the hackish nature that TINS encouraged (probably with BlitzMax to save time). Not sure when we'll get the time to do this, but it'll come eventually. Virtually all of the artwork is done already. :)

Name That Movie!

10 points to whoever can name what movie the dialog below is from. (No Draffurd, you can't answer! :P)

(Yeah, I know that's not what happens in the movie :P)
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Pulp Fiction! But not really, I just saw that movie on TV and thought I'd throw it in there[grin]

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Could it be from Boondock Saints?

Also, your game is looking awesome! Keep up the good work.

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TheSeer got it. Hope you enjoy spending your 10 Points*. :)

* Points not applicable to any tangible outlet on Earth.

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