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Quick Screens

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Edit: Most Definatly temporary artwork. Just thought I should point that out.

Edit Edit: Some things the picture doesent tell you:

- The boulder moves and operates
- Walls break and crumble when hit (no animation, why make animation for temporary artwork?)
- Health system works
- Implimented Alpha Channeling into the game engine
- weather system fully functional
- sounds a playing

What rest is needed for the gameplay (not the final product but what the game is capable of doing):

- Loading game details from script files (player,enemy,tileset,what weather, what music, available powerups,etc...)
- Powerups
- Weather specific movement (slide on ice, walk slow in snow, etc...)

Overall would I say King Pong is on schedule, yes. Would I say its going as expected, no. Would I say thats a bad thing, definatly not!
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