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Uh oh , 2 Movies!!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone,

Tonight we have a special treat (or curse depending on your mindset). Mark put together a little movie documenting the creation of a fighter for the Archangelesk Dominion, and it's pretty cool, so I would recommend looking at his if you are interested in how the art for the game is made. I put (read: threw) together a little video that shows the new Action Menus I made in action, and also shows a little preview of gameplay (although it's pretty boring on account of I'm playing me and it lasts only 30 seconds[grin])

Anyways, here are the movies for download:
Download Sapo's Video (5.something MB)
Download Eugn's Video (6.59 MB)

Anyways, today I pretty much tweaked the cursor interface in order to get the different cursor types working with the new menus I made. I'm pretty happy with the menus, although I need Mark to draw some quality buttons for them, because mine don't look very good. Oddly, these menus are a huge addition to the game, because before the player had no way of using the ship's special "powers". In any case, the menus have brought the game that much closer to a public demo, so high five everyone!

Well, I've got to go, but here's an updated screeny showing the arrow cursor selecting an option (note the underlying text and red outline). Anyways, talk to you guys later!

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Why do you zip the movies? It doesn't seem to save any more than about 20KB off the download size.

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For some reason when I uploaded the actual non-zipped file, and then tried downloading the movies they came out as text files. Maybe I just suck at the internet, but I couldn't get it to work[grin].

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I could've sworn that zipping shaved off like 3 megs, but that's not the reason we zip 'em, Sapos right.

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Thanks for all the nice comments everyone, your enthusiasm is what keeps us going!

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I'll second that S**t! Thanks for the comments, it's almost my journal, too(I really should consider going GDnet+).

Hmm... if Sir Sapo's free, maybe a joint video this weekend, although it will probably decay into baseless insults on his part.

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Way to go, guys! I love your stuff so far.

Are you using FRAPS to get that video footage?

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Yeah, we're using fraps for the gameplay videos, and then we put it together with Windows Movie Maker.

Thanks for the nice Comment!

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