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Well, the easy stuff is over I guess...

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w00t, getting to bed on time again. Yey. Dunno if I'll be able to keep it up after today but here's hopin [smile]. After today the conference attendee count is going to seriously like triple, I kid you not. The hectic part of the conference is only just beginning.

So yea I putzed around a lot today, haha. None of the tutorials struck my fancy and I'm sorry but I'm not sitting around for 9 hours in a tutorial I don't want to attend and write something up about it. So I mainly hung out at the IGDA member lounge and ran into a bunch more people.

Another plus to not going to any tutorials was being able to photograph a bunch of the IGF teams at their booths. Since the booths are out in the concourse this year, many of the IGF kiosks were up and running by the end of the day. In fact I'd say pretty much all the student and mod finalists were up and running, whereas only about half the IGF finalists were in any way setup. So that kind of stunk but I still managed to photograph 7 teams. Tomorrow morning I'll knock off two more probably. This is a huge advantage for me - last year I was going nuts trying to schedule the teams to have all their present members at the booth at the same time for a photo. It's going to be like that again starting tomorrow so I'm glad I got a bunch of them taken care of. One of the finalists, Introversion (Darwinia) have the awesomest business cards EVAR!! Look!!

Yep, that is a metal card. It's a plate of laser-etched metal. [wow] I show it to people like this: first I tell them to close their eyes, and then I drop it flat onto a table with a loud CLINK! At which they can't help but open their eyes and stare bug-eyed at this business card on the table. I love it. I want one!!

So I headed over to the IGDA Annual Meeting at 6:30, stayed until 7:15 and then hoofed it over to the Fairmont for the Thompson/CRM author cocktail. Then my cousin and her fiance picked me up and took me out to dinner. It was great to see them while I was out here.

On a final note, it seems Dustin Clingman has been sneaking pictures of me. Well, he can take all he wants - I'm posting all the ones I take of him so hah!!

Of course, he's prob going to take all the photos he took of me back to Fullsail and let the digital art students photoshop them, and then post them.

Crap I better start looking into flights to Antarctica.
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Interesting reading, keep up the good reporting!

Introversion's cards are indeed cool!

A few years back EuroStar (the company running the channel tunnel) gave out similar metal cards with membership of their "business\frequent rider" club. This caused unforseen problems for loads of people as the kind of people who use Eurostar every day\week typically also make alot of business flights and the cards happened to set off airport security and were banned from being taken in hand luggage by alot of airlines (just in case a business man decided to slit someones throat with on or something...). They were replaced with plastic cards shortly after a flood of complaints from some wealthy business men!

Maybe Introversion are planning something a little more serious than Defcon!

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Yeah, great business card. Nothing says "contact me" like a business card that could slice off one of your nards if you trip on the curb with it in your pocket.

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Introversion are truly awesome. [grin] Now I want a solid steel laser etched business card. Reminds me of American Psycho.

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