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more random 3d modeling

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Seeing Sir Sappo's current project got me thinking about space ships again, so I hopped into wings and whipped this up real quick (less then 20min).

428 faces. Still don't like the engines.

Conversly I've gotten enough understanding about COM and found some decent resources that still exists to link agaist. The COM article is about 1/3's complete. I have a project selected which is dead simple, and COM <-> .NET interop has been resolved. (Embedding a Type Library into a binary is horribly underdocumented, but I finally understand the hidden magic ATL performs behind your back if you go that route.)

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Thanks, not my favorite design so far, but has elements I like and will probably reuse. I keep wanting to make a video of me building a model, but need to find a good screen capture program.

I'm pondering changing the thrusters, they just don't look right. Can't really go for a VTOL style engine on mounts w/o destroying the nice front end inlets.

Oh well I'll think of something.

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