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Bridge Commander?

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One thing that seems to be missing in games these days is the old-time Star Trek style games where one would have to control the enterprise and take her around the galaxy and do random stuff...

I wonder why nobody has really brought this style of game up to date? Forget the Star Trek theme, but have the player as a virtual starship captain. You don't fly the ship, nor do you fire the weapons, but you direct the crew on what you think they should do. Imagine that you receive a mission from fleet command, you need to tell the helm where to do. You need to ensure that the engineering section can manage the power you need to consume and you also need to prepare your ship and crew for the mission ahead. You'll need to be at hand to resolve conflicts between the crew, provide guidance and ensure that the shifts are balanced correctly. In times of battle you'll need to make sure you're firing at the right places, retreating at the right times and making the right decisions to keep you and your crew alive and well. For exploration you'll need to pick your best away teams for planetary visits and ensure that the missions go ahead as planned, but also fix things if they go wrong.

I wonder, why has nobody done this? I reckon it'd be cool =)
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Was Bridge Commander even that successful? I recall playing the demo, thinking that it might be fun to play the full game, and then never doing anything about it...

Also, lets make an MMO out of it! The entire world is the ship, everyone has their role to play (fly the ship, gunner, man engineering, communications, barking orders at peo- er, leading). Get yourself killed, kill the entire crew killed off with you.

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I remember when B-17 Flying Fortress first game out, I imagined it'd be ace in a network scenario. You'd have 7 people manning the B-17 (guns, pilot, bomber, etc) and there'd be a load of them in formation. Then you have people on the flak cannons, fighters, etc. WW2 air warfare from every angle... would be good.

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Battlecruiser 3000AD was roughly this kind of game. It's tremendously deep and has piles of features, but due to the sheer number of bugs (and Derek Smart's crappy PR) it is available for free now from Fileplanet (a few years after initial release and dozens of patches), iirc.

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t'was a long time ago, but I had a demo of the Star Trek Next Generation one on my first computer (Amiga 1200 ftw!). I just remember getting very frustrated that the crew either wouldn't do what I wanted or that I simply didn't have the "creative freedom" that I needed as a captain. Sod the rules - if I wanna blow s*** up, I wanna blow s*** up - I'm the captain, just do it [lol]

It does have the potential for an interesting game if it were well executed. I've thought up some similar ideas in my time.


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The game is awsome if you ask me.

I'm a scripter in the Bridge Commander community.
I don't make new ships, but I script new features.

BC is using Python as scripting language which makes it very versatile.

Most features aren't possible without the work of one man, named "Dasher", he made the Foundation system, which is the entry point for all mods without the need to keep overwriting stock files (just a couple which serve as entry point for Foundation).

My most complex work to date is the "Bridge Plugin" the name is a bit misleading, since a bridge plugin already exists in the Foundation, but it's more of a complex plugin system for new features on the bridge itself, it features mutli model bridges, texture swapping (and animations) at events (any event, such as alert changes, subsystem changes).

My most effective mod to date is called "SubMenu" the ship list was getting a bit, big. So I made a mod that allowed for submenu's. Currently working on V4 of that, in each there are new features, in V2 there were sub menu's to any level, in V3 MVAM (Saucer Seperation) menu's and in V4 user ordening.

To give a better idea of what is possible, one of the mods in BC (not by me) is called "MVAM" (Multi Vector Assault Mode, think Prometheus, in the Voyager episode "Message in a bottle", where the Prometheus splits in 3 parts. Most known for the Galaxy class ship, Enterprise D which could do a saucer seperation). The developers thought it to be impossible, or atleast too difficult to implement. And guess what, we can create any ship to be a MVAM capable ship.

Now, to get to your question, what you suggest would require a lot more AI scripting. The AI isn't pretty good, but it can be expanded. In the SDK there is an AI editor, if you get it to work that is.:P But then again the opponent also isn't very good.
Something else that would be needed is crew AI. I don't believe that's in the system as of yet. But it might be possible as a sort of "super AI" that controls the ship and the crew as puppets.

This is the board where I usually am.
I'm a moderator for a few forums there (I'm known as MLeo there):

If you want more details at scripting, feel free to contact me (here or there or by E-mail).

[EDIT] Take a look on BCFiles.com there are ships (and mods) from far more things than just Star Trek.

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