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apt-get install a-clue

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I'm not going to post a screenshot thingy like 23yrold3yrold, bu I will whine briefly about the weather. Got up to 109 degrees F today. 23yrold3yrold gets rain, I get hellish, unending, searing, soul-destroying heat. I must have been outta my friggin mind, deciding to move to Phoenix. Ugh.

I've done a lot of nothing the past few days. Finished porting existing features of the Golem3D editor to the Windows port, but I can't be bothered to upload a build right now. I'll try to link one up later, maybe tomorrow. The Windows build is now caught up to the Linux build, and while neither is exactly complete, they do now feature the ability to Save/Load files to the custom format expected by the Golem3D engine, export a heightmap to a TGA file, and a few other things. Working on a feature to import a greyscale .TGA as a heightmap as well.

I've got solid level code for the 3D characters fork of Golem 1. Ended up having to rebuild most parts of the level/map system. Not really completely necessary, but I figured if I'm going to do it, I might as well clean it up and do it right. So far, the whole 3D characters on a 2D isometric map seems to work fairly well. I like what I see so far. Performance is good even on a GeForce2, and I already like the 3D character system far more than the old 2D sprite characters of Golem 1. The problem of pre-rendering sprites for 8 or 16 or 32 facing directions, and the memory usage involved, is gone. I'll try to get some preliminary screenshots of the new map engine up on my website sometime soon, though I may wait until I've finished tying the new map code into the code for loading graphical assets from Golem 1 in order to use existing tile sets. I hate showing screenies using plain, solid-color tiles or placeholder graphics of any sort. It makes me feel dirty. ;)

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