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Elder Scrolls

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I managed to pick up Elder Scrolls IV today. GalCiv2 didn't have very much staying power it seems. I'm not sure exactly why either. I didn't particularly care for Morrowind...

Anyways, BestBuy was nice enough to sticker over the "PC-DVD" logo on the box, causing me a bit of a delay until I could steal the wife's DVD drive. The bink video is broken [imagine that!], but otherwise the game is working fine for me [on a 5 year old computer no less], unlike not a few others I hear.

It's kinda pretty. The character customization is very detailed and cool, though I wonder at the usefulness of such things in a single player game. A few other things are strikingly fantastic, such as the sway of a rope with skulls on it after stuck by your weapon. Still, it looks like Morrowind (with shaders); plays like Morrowind (with shaders) so far.

We'll see if some of the world/plot design will make this one any less... disinteresting than its forbearer.
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