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Hurray for Modular Code!

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Hey everyone!

Not much of an update today. All I did today was to modify the ship definition file format to include the special actions that ship can perform. The actions we have so far are:

Launching Fighters
Launching Bombers
Deploying Mines
Deploying Sensor Buoys
Deploying Sensor Decoys
Sensor "Ping"
Special Weapon (ie. Anti-Fighter Missiles)
Shield Overcharge
and probably a couple I forgot....

Not every ship will have special actions, and no ship will have all of them, so you will have to use a diverse fleet of ships to be really effective in the game.

Anyways, today I was sitting in my Computer Science class and my teacher(who knows absolutely nothing) comes up and asks me how close I am to finishing my final project which we have been working on for months now (by work I mean coding our Strategy Game[grin]). Now I had completely forgot that the project was due in 2 weeks, so I pretty much made up a lot of bullshit, but while I was making shit up, a good idea struck me. See, our project is creating a simple disease model simulation, with the ability to project the effects of a epidemic breaking out in a community (which could be as small as a house, or as large as the world). So my grand idea was to use all the graphics code I wrote for our Strategy Game, and use it to make our rather mediocre project aesthetically pleasing. So after coding up a simple class I called "Node", which can represent anything from a room in a house to a city, I started ripping code from our Strategy Game and putting it back together around the disease modeling code. Unfortunately, I didn't quite finish the modifications before the class ended, but tomorrow I should have some screens proving that game development can be useful in school[grin]

Well, thats all for tonight, I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!
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