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Long day

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Well dammit, stupid FireFTP keeps crapping out on me when I try to upload images. It's kinda working now as it uploads the images I'm going to post here but it's poking along at like 4kbps sometimes. Bah! So the bad news to go along with that is that I won't be posting the IGF/GDCA coverage tonight. Sorry. But I'm not dealing with this when I have just over 100 images to upload. I will however update the IGF coverage page with the winners so at least you guys will have that. The report is done, I just need the images.

So DaveRM was nice enough to lend himself to me for picture taking at the awards show tonight using his way more powerful than mine Nikon camera. He took around 270 shots and yes, I had to go through each and every one to pick out the ones I used in my coverage report. Tedious to say the least but neccessary. Great shots Dave, thanks again. I'm sure he'll be posting up whatever good shots I didn't use, so be sure to mosey on over to his blog at some point I guess.

So I spent a lot of the day hanging out with Josiah Pisciotta from Chronic Logic (Gish). Seems we were of like-mind today, we both attended the same sessions. After the small studio one I showed him Galaxy Conquest and was quite pleased with his reaction. He offered me his assistance if I need it getting GC out to the public when I'm ready. After that we checked out the Expo for a bit before parting ways for the day. He had to go meet his girlfriend and I had to post some stuff before the awards ceremony.

So yea good day all in all, my feet finally started feeling sore and my shoulders too from my backpack straps. But that's to be expected. I stopped by the booth to say hi and got darts thrown at me :P Lissa loves those blasted things and it's hard to be a moving target on a crowded Expo floor, haha.

So here's my graft grab from Day One:

Yes, quite weak I know. I didn't spend much time at all in the Expo today and I didn't go over to the game company booths where all the cool swag is. In leiu of Hattan I think Michalson is going to walk away from the conference as Swag King. The bastard was carrying around two S3 graphics cards today :P And earlier he managed to pick up another Xbox game. Yeesh, I'm already so far behind it's pitiful, tho I know none of you pity me :P

Oh! And check out the next hottest thing from GDNet!

Yes, two stickers made the ultimate sacrifice to create the GDNet badge holder. Can't wait to show it off tomorrow. And on that note I'm going to sign off - I can barely type anymore, going to bed an hour late but what can you do right?

See you tomorrow...
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[lol] Gee thx John. Did you fail to notice that I included the full website address as well? Okay sure you have to be close to see it but... ok screw you [wink] hahah

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