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The Learning Curve and Spore

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The Learning Curve

I've decided to do a Connect Four type of game first. I already have a few ideas on how to differentiate it as well. But I have to crawl first, so I gathered all of the Torque Script documentation that I could find and started hacking away at the empty t2d shell. I've got images loading, displaying, and moving around. I got input working. I'm still trying to figure out in what order it does things, or how other things are triggered. Torque is a very cool product.

Last night, I watched a 35 minute presentation by Will Wright of Maxis on his new game Spore. I was completely amazed. I am so stoked about this game. It takes on such a huge scope, and some of the things they've done procedurally in the code are just amazing. Here is the link, and I highly suggest that you watch all of it, because just when you think he's gone as far as he can with the design, he demonstrates something else that will blow your mind.
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It seemed to me that anyone who enjoys a game such as sim city or any of the god games, might enjoy a game such as this. I guess only time will tell though.

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Wow. Spore looks great. Will Wright has a great sense of humor :) The mating scene and some of the characters he showed are hilarious.

As for fun factor, it's really hard to tell at first. The game genre is obviously an exploration/sandbox/god style, but on a huge scale. My issue with games of this genre is that even as you explore, consiously, you always know there is a limit to functionality, so once you accomplish certain things, the game can quickly get redundent. In Spore, however, the variety in the character/city/vehical/planet exploration/building/interaction looks stellar. Also being able to browse other player's worlds is a huge plus, as well as blowing up entire planets :)


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