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Day 3: success

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It took 3 days of work, but I got it working quite well. So what was the problem?

After checking, double checking, and triple checking my code, I finally found the error.

Here was the code I used for the platform collision, which checks if a point is inside a bounding box:

bool Inside(int x, int y, SDL_Rect rect)
if(x >= rect.x && x <= rect.x + rect.h && y >= rect.y && y <= rect.y + rect.h)
return true;
return false;

Yeah, spot the error.
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It's already fixed. I actually didn't copy that code as it may look like, it's just sometimes I will make such errors when writing code like that.

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I made almost the same mistake this morning with Bresenham's algorithm. I put in a deltaX where a deltaY should have been. And then I ended up doing some other stupid stuff.

Don't you love brainbashing code? :D

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I tend to make those type of errors alot, but see them almost immedietly.

I wrote that function back in december, and haven't caught it tell now[grin]

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Oh yes, I love those bugs. I do them all of the time. Like the other day when the player moved his velocity changed based on his Y and Y speeds. Oh yes, confusion galore when I kept on running on weird angles into the walls. :)

Stompy is starting to look much sleeker and professional every time I look at it. Or maybe my eyes are starting to attune to programmer art, hehe.

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That screen looks pretty interesting, I'm excited to play the new level, even though I still haven't gotten to level 3 yet.....

I've found that my copy-paste skills are getting much better, as I'm producing errors like that a lot less often, practice makes perfect I guess[grin]

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HopeDagger, your eyes are getting used to the programmer art. GO AND RINSE THEM NOW![grin]

I'm ashamed(well, not really) to say that I've often used the power of copy and paste in my code. And it has resulted many times in bizarre type errors.

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tried your game and I really liked it. still there are some smaller points which could imho be changed:
-it would be nice if the camera would show more of the right side, its quite hard with some enemys if you can only see them so late
-I found it a bit strange that the main game only plays in the lower 1/3 of the screen, maybe you could use more use of plattforms for the level design?

what suprised me was how got these simple explosions look animated.
I tried to animate an explosion for my game, frame by frame and while the frames might look okay, it looks really ugly animated :/

btw: wouldnt it be faster to use a pointer for the SDL_Rect?
I mean if you call this function very often per frame, and since you dont change the Rect you could easily exchange it..

well I really think too much about optimization ;)

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Thanks for trying it out!

Changing the scrolling back could be a good idea. Level 4 will be almost purely based on a moving platform design, and you'll have to fight flying enemies, so the top of the screen will get more exposure.

A pointer to an SDL_Rect would work too, but as of right now, I don't think there is a need for any optimization. However, it's something I should keep in mind.

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