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Collecting team members

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This week has mainly been involved with team member collections. We have had a few responses to the previous post that I made, unfortunately, there are too many programmers interested, so we will have to choose between them.

It's not looking like we will get another artist (was expecting difficulty here). I hope to have the team finalised by the end of next week, so perhaps we will be able to find another artist later on.

In the mean time, I've been a little bored, not playing WoW and all. So, I've started making a small game based. It's rules will be kind of similar to a game I was once addicted to, called Risk. The difference is, that I am no good at drawing, and the origonal game includes a map of the world. The best I can do is geometric stuff, so here's a screenshot of my new mini-work 'Hexwars':

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