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Quasi-Big Test

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Yay, finally a test of mediocre proportions! Sure 6 players isn' really a legendary number, but it felt good to have some fresh meat running around the map to gun down. :)

On the up-side, we had a lot of fun and uncovered 4 bugs. It disappoints me that we had bugs during the testing, but it keeps on reinforcing my goal of having a public test that is completely bug-free. So far my screenshots always show dialog of players mentioning bugs. Doh. :P

(Everyone is your enemy in the Free-For-All mode!)

(The joys of bossing your testers around to test bugs :P)

So far I've gone through the code and done the 'First Fix' to all of the bugs that should repair them in theory. However, few bugs are fixed the first time around in an online game. Things just seem to have a way of, ah, breaking. :)

So the plan is on Saturday evening (EST) to have another test to see if things are fixed up. Everyone is invited, of course. Poke me Saturday on MSN (hopedagger(at)gmail(dot)com) and I should have a time figured out by then, and I'll fix you up with a copy of the latest client.

Have a good night, fellow developers! :)
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Assuming I'm not completely wasted, and depending on when the match takes place, count me in :D

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Yea I'll make sure to not be busy AGAIN when I want to test the game out. Fix those bugs, and dont tell people to kill me :)

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Yeah, I might be out of town Saturday, but if I'm not I'll definitely help you test....

Looking great BTW, the HUD looks very professional and streamlined

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I added you to my MSN contact list, so we'll see if you accept me by Saturday so I can come and shoot you all in the face.

Yes. In the face. Bwah haha.

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If there is still room (and I catch you on msn) I'd love to jump in and play. This game looks like so much fun.

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