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Going away for a while

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Just a quick note to say that I'll be away from computer-land for the next 6-7 days [grin]

Hopefully the DirectX forums won't collapse while I'm gone, but I'll leave it in the capable hands of the other moderators to dish out cruel and evil punishments to anyone who misbehaves [evil]

The primary reason for going home is for the UK & IE MVP day in Cambridge on Tuesday - but I've also decided I need a holiday. I don't really have time for one, but I'm really losing any interest in my projects, so I'm hoping that taking a week off will allow me to recharge the batteries and actually rebuild some interest! I can't actually think of a single day (including weekends) that I haven't been working in 2006 [oh]

So, this Cambridge thing...

I get to visit Microsoft's research campus and a whole load of talks and round-tables from MS-UK and MSR:

  • Speech technology in upcoming products
  • Something about robots - including the interesting sounding "Visual Robots Development Kit".
  • Current search algorithms and strategies
  • Stuff about Windows Vista from a developer perspective
  • Office 2007 from a developers perspective
  • Bayesian ranking for players on XBox Live

    Gonna be a fairly busy day!

    The networking/socialising at these events has been really interesting in the past - get to chat to plenty of people from other areas of the technology industry (attendance of 200 MVP's + MS people). Although it usually seems to revolve around propping up the nearest bar until they throw us out [wink]. Should also get to meet up with Simon "S1CA" O'Connor and Richard "superpig" Fine as well!

    Right, I best go and pack my stuff!
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    Well If you need a decent pub while you're in Cambridge I'd recomend The Castle. I would attempt to meet up with you (if you're not going to be spending the entire time in the MS research building anyway) but I'm heading home tomorrow.

    To get to The Castle take a right out of the west cambridge site along Madingley road towards the city. Walk along that road for a fair while until you reach a crossroads, on your right will be a road which leads into the town and a bridge that crosses the river (There's another good pub down there called the pickerel) on your left will be a road that leads up a hill and there's a church on the corner. Go up this road a short way and The Castle is on your right.

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    Man, you should really buy me a DS Lite. You really should.

    [edit] Man, I really miss you when you're not around posting nice screens. I feel so empty. [cry]

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