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Long Day Part II

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Geez I woke up late again, but it was okay because I didn't have to be at the convention center until 10:30 for the Satoru Iwata keynote. Still I had wanted time in the morning to post up the GDCA coverage, and I didn't get to have that time. Well, I did since I still made it to the convention center around 9:30, but I spent the entire time trying to get the damn pictures up on the site. Yea FireFTP was still giving me problems. I remembered to late that Dreamweaver has an FTP client in it as well. I also forgot that Dreamweaver uses CSS for font style changes and I can't use CSS in my reports so I had to go in and replace the styles with tags. I did that in the half hour in between keynotes, as well as set up Dreamweaver for FTP use. The Will Wright keynote was awesome, but he speaks so fast it's hard to write everything down. He had some real cool slides and they were only on the screen for like a tenth of a second. So I'm still debating whether I want to make a formal writeup or not.

So after three hours of back-to-back keynotes I had a short break for lunch and that's when I finally got the GDCA's online. I had also started writing up the Iwata keynote while waiting for Wright's to start so I got that up as well. I hoofed it quick over to the GDnet booth afterwards for a quick hello and stopped by the GG booth to talk some GI stuff with them. Then I had two back-to-back sessions - that was another three hours, before heading off to Suite Night.

After ditching the suites I hung out in the Fairmont lobby and partook in what I call "passive networking". You sit around in a chair and let people come up to you and start a conversation. So I sat and worked on my reports for the day and met four new people and talked to three I already knew. Not too bad. I also caved in and ordered up some Sushi. Yums.

On the way back to catch the light rail I passed a guy on his cell phone and heard him talking about Gish station and how he thought it was behind the name for the game Gish. I tossed him a shrewd nod over my shoulder. I've been answering this question a lot this year. Which is why you always need to read my interviews. They tell all.

Oh and I forgot to post a pic of the new GDNet shirt I got yesterday that I wore today. I had a few people approach me when they saw the shirt, it was quite cool.

Finally, it appears that I will now be buying a DS Lite at the end of the year, as Nintendo is releasing a Zelda game for the platform. The bastards. Why do they do this to me?!? I had to buy a GameCube to play Zelda too! Not that I'm complaining it's just.... sad :P

Oh and lastly (I swear) I haven't gotten up this year's game developer rant yet because there was a ranter not on the original list of speakers whose name I have to dig up - I'll ask JDR tomorrow, he'll know. So it will be up tomorrow.

Okay I have to get to bed, I need to be up on time tomorrow because I have a session I really want to attend at 9. I also plan to spend the bulk of my time tomorrow in the Expo, since I spent all of 15 minutes in there today and like an hour in there on Wednesday. Geez.

K night.
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