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New Release: SleepyTime

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I just released a new program, it's called SleepyTime, it allows you to schedule when you want your computer to shutdown, reboot, log off, suspend or hibernate. It allows you to set a specific time or to set a minute timer. It's incredibly useful if you don't want your computer to stay on all night after you've gone to sleep, or if you want your computer to reboot after a long process is complete.

You can check it out here: SleepyTime

I also updated EasyShots, here are the latest updates:

- JPEG quality is now set to the highest possible
- Screenshots can now be resized in the edit window
- Resized or cropped image size is now properly updated in the thumbnail list
- Edit window will not get set to a size larger than the desktop resolution upon zoom
- Crop & capture box dimensions are now white text over blue background, improves visibility
- Optimized area capture
- Images can now be dragged into the thumbnail list
- Thumbnails for small screenshots are no longer zoomed in
- The + and - keys now control zoom in the edit window
- Optimized screenshot capture and thumbnail list process
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Guest Anonymous Poster


I'm just curious...do you live in Guatemala? cuz your last name isn't really that popular here in guate. I'm Sempé too.
Tu parles francais?

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Yes, I'm currently living in Guatemala and je ne parle pas francais... perhaps you are.. my cousin?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


well it is possible...i'm positive that everyone with the name Sempé in Guatemala comes from the same family. well, that's intresting. Nice to "meet" you, my name is Henri Sempé!

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