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That's a tired yawn not a bored yawn, by the way.

But okay so I managed to haul ass out of bed on time today and make it to my 9am session. It was good - not all of it applied to me since I'm not starting up a game company to focus solely on that company (i.e. I have other sources of income) but I did take away a lot of pointers, which I'll highlight in my writeup later today - I plan on doing it during lunch.

So yea, DaveRM wrote up Will Wright's keynote, or tried to. Like I said last night, Will's a very animated speaker and it's really hard to take notes. That said it's also hard when he doesn't really talk about things that are relevant :P His talk was mainly a PR lecture on Spore and a lesson in astrobiology. There were basic points on research he was trying to get across at that he listed at the very end of the presentation, but by that time none of us cared anyways, since we were all caught up in imagining life outside of our solar system. But yea, go read Dave's report if you want more info.

Okay I have to get going, time to hit up the Expo hardcore and make some use of this exhibitor badge to get in early and hopefully show some GG guys my game. W00t. Later.

Oh yea, the rant session is up. Read it!!
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