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The numbers are calculated when the clear button is pressed - since at this point its computationally expensive (costing 3 surface locks...) but I should be able to reduce that down to 1 or 2 locks and still manage to add extra stuff to it.

The "Drawn" figure is the percent of the gray circle which was successfully drawn over (the circle being a glyph or whatever to cast). The "O-Drawn" stands for "Over-Drawn" and represents how much of the penstroke fell outside the glyph (pixels outside / glyph area).

Aesthetically, its ugly as shit. But its a prototype of one of the "combat control methods" for my RPG system, and I have to say I think its pretty neat. Its damn hard to get above 75% drawn with the brush I'm using. Curves are hard to draw with a mouse.

Anyway, this part is prototyped to an acceptible level (in that it could be easily be plugged into a game). It still need to be packaged into a control class, or something, because the logic right now is scattered around my sandbox.

I'll write up some more details on the next system later, but needless to say, its a completely different monster - its how you'd control a Flail-type weapon :)

Should prove interesting.
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This would be pretty fun if you incorporated a drawing tablet's pen. But that would probably make it to easy...

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If I had a tablet myself I'd definitely take a look at the API for it (ideally it would control the mouse directly). Which would give players with a tablet a significant advantage - lol. I didn't even think about that :)

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