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Just got out of a talk by a couple of folks from Ubisoft on 'Project Assassins.' Their stated goal is to "redefine the third-person action-adventure genre for the next gen." Said goal is extremely vague and lofty so I'd recommend they settle for "solve the percieved problems with third-person action-adventure games," which mainly centered around linearity and artificial rules, e.g. you can only climb where you see netting, there's only ever one route out of an area, interaction with other people is very limited, etc. Based on the videos they showed us, they're headed in the direction of producing something very interesting. Jumping is now less of a "time it right" thing than a "do it in the right place" thing - same as Prince of Persia, which is not surprising as it's the same core team - climbing can be done wherever something sticks more than 10cm out of the wall, other people can be shoved or pushed over... looks like a lot of fun.
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no it'd be awesome if the Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six teams got together.


(Athena Sword has the best fps gun system imo)

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