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End Note

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Yup, it's the last day of GDC alright [smile]

So I'm going to make this short, cause I'm not feeling too well after dinner. GDnet had its staff dinner tonight, welcoming along Graham Rhodes as well. We went to P.F. Chang's and ordered up the menu. The food was great, but maybe the variety was a bit too much for me, because uhm... yea. Gas? Hello! After dinner and dessert we played the "in bed" game with out fortunes:

It is impossible to please everybody. Please yourself first... in bed
Your present plans are going to succeed... in bed
For a good cause, wrongdoing may be virtuous... in bed
He who takes notes listens well... in bed
Watch your relations with others carefully; be cautious... in bed
You will have many friends when you need them... in bed
Participation in sports may lead to a lucrative career... in bed
Promise only what you can deliver... in bed
To be loved, be lovable... in bed
Pleasure awaits your company... in bed
You are very expressive and positive in word, act and feeling... in bed
You'll accomplish more if you take some time for yourself... in bed

After dinner we walked back over to the Fairmont, Lissa gave me some anti-acid tablets and we all plopped down at the lobby bar. I'm still feeling al little out of it, and I'm sorry to say that this chair I'm sitting on will need to be disposed of after I leave. If I get up now I think the entire room would die. But I'll have to risk it, gotta get outta here and go to sleep - catching a 9am train tomorrow.

Upon my return to NJ on Monday I will post up my GDC 2006 Postmortem. See you then!

So long, San Jose... miss ya
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