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Evil movie stars

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So the Powers that Be Loaded (Kevin and Dave) decided to get me drunk last night and now I've woken up in what I think is Mexico.

(No not really [grin])

Had a very strange dream. Morgan Freeman and I were driving to the store and he asked me to take the wheel while he worked the pedals. We smashed into some kid and splatted him against the wall, so I got out of the car and started yelling that he shouldn't have run out in front of a moving car like he did. Then someone yelled "cut" and Mel Gibson came out to complain that I wasn't sticking to the script. Then a bunch of stuff happened... there was a girl, it may have been Natalie Portman, and something on a beach with the end of a hose or airvent that was getting gradually covered in sand. We got given gigantic sandwiches with lots of meat in that I ate whilst trying to persuade the people around me that I wasn't supposed to be there and that I wasn't an actor. We ended up in a big church type place where the girl was handcuffed to a pole in the middle to be sacrificed, and it wasn't actually a movie set at all - that was just a cover set up by Mel Gibson who was the ringleader. I was trying to save the girl so I dived at Mel who reminded me that I'd eaten one of his sandwiches (we didn't specify but I realised at that point I'd made a big mistake). Weaponless I grabbed a chair and tried using it to attack him with... he waved it aside and started firing plastic spoons at me. I used the chair to defend myself but eventually he landed a hit, which made him laugh. Then he started firing plastic knives instead and although I stayed low and kept the chair centered on Mel's stream of knives I felt something hit my chest. Mel said "Oh! The CPU!" (referring to my heart) and demanded to see what he'd done. I couldn't show him because I figured that the moment I moved the chair away he was going to fire straight at me. I began to realise that he'd referred to my heart as the CPU when actually it would be my brain that was the CPU, and that perhaps his use of movie-style technical inaccuracy was some kind of weakness that I could exploit. And then I woke up.

Which leads me to wonder: Just how many movie stars are using "we're filming something" as cover for demonic rituals?

I'm basically just staying in my room working on writeups today I think. Graham's around somewhere and we said we might go see the crazy house or something but I'm not sure what his plans are.
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[lol] I hear you got quite wasted buddy [smile] Wish I had been feeling good enough to stick around and see it, tho I did catch a little before I left, haha

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