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GDC was awesome!

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Just wanted to say...GDC was awesome. Got invited to a bunch of private parties, the sessions were decent, and the roundtables were wicked! Didn't walk away with much new knowledge at this year's GDC, but the networking opportunities were crazy!!

I've had a constant hang over the whole time, but I'm not complaining :)

I even managed to snag an interview with Richard Garriott (Lord British), so expect a write-up on that and my other events shortly!!!
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I hope you got him an arm lock and demanded more Ultima style adventure :D. I managed to grab the offical book of Ultima recently too - interesting read.

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I pushed my book a lot, and it was very well received. Sold out the expo booth and created a back order list. This year one of the biggest issues with tools development was managed<->legacy integration. And Microsoft's announcement that the .NET 2.0 CLR (XNA framework) is running on the XBox 360 sure helped the situation.


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