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The grass is always purple

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Mike Bossy


A huge number of people want to get a job in the games industry. Just getting back from GDC I have a stack of business cards from people who want a job or intership at my day job company. It is after all a great place to work. Good pay, good benefits, good products. All in all I am lucky to have a job there.

So why the attempt to create an escape hatch? I know that I'm not going to find a job that pays considerably better, or allows me to be an "artist". Bills still have to be paid no matter where I'm working. These are the responsibilities that come with real life, a mortgage and a wife. I'm not naive enough to think that I'll find a place where the grass is greener in that regard.

What I'm looking for is my own independance. I have known from an early age that I have the entrepreneurial spirit inside. I want the challenge of creating not only software but a business around it. I want to be the one with the responsibility to make things successful.

Will this lead to happiness and riches beyond my wildest dreams? Once again I'm not naive enough to think that. But what I do hope it brings me is control of my own destiny. At least then if I fail I know that it is because of me and not because some layer of upper management decided something.

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Let me be the first to say....Welcome to Journal land! here be some + for contributing to this fine site :)

As to taking your destiny in your own hands by being entrepreneurial, it's a fine idea but can still all go to kak through no fault of your own (I've been there).

Good luck with it but, don't give up the day job until the money you make through your enterprise is higher than your salary.....I seem to be good at stating the obvious, if nothing else [grin]

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Welcome aboard. You weren't the chap Lissa told me signed up for GDNet+ at the booth, by any chance? Someone had a little trouble remembering their paypal password... [smile]

Side projects can be a great way to just exercise some of your own creativity, even if you never actually produce anything release-worthy; the act of simply working on something vents some pressure. That said, targetting the low-hanging fruit is definitely a good idea, so I hope you went to the sesson on Wednesday morning on Xbox Live Arcade because I think it may qualify. If not I should be putting up my writeup soon [grin]

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I'm sad to say that was me at the booth. Sometimes I can be a little too entertaining for my own good. :) Luckily I didn't try to sign up during the expo crawl or it would have been even more exciting.

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